Modi baiting by “seculars” in UK

David Cameron and Narendra Modi

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Parliament Square, London on November 12, 2015. Reuters photo.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on an official visit to the United Kingdom. The visit is intended to maintain and enhance bilateral, political and economic relations between the two countries. This very normal interaction has given rise to strange reactions in certain quarters.

On the sidelines of the usual welcoming protocols, PM Modi faced vociferous groups of protestors. They included Khalistanis, who accused the Modi government of persecution of the Sikh minority in India. There were groups who cited Dadri, Kashmir and Gujarat riots as examples of religious intolerance with tacit government support. The Khalistan agitators are motivated by the dastardly violence against Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere, in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, three decades ago. It took place during Congress rule. It was also a direct culmination of wicked political machinations by the same political entity. Has anyone seen any discrimination against the Sikh community since then? The Sikhs continue to prosper in this country without any hindrance.

The Khalistan protestors in the UK and elsewhere in the western world are professional fundraisers with rabid communal motivations. The gruesome Dadri incident attracted international media coverage, not by chance, but by malicious manipulation by groups with vested interests. It is conveniently forgotten that Dadri is situated in a state ruled by a non-BJP government, and law and order is a state subject.

Kashmir is a case of Pakistani proxy war waged with the avowed aim of upsetting communal amity in this country. One should also not forget that the Gujarat riots were a direct consequence of the carnage perpetrated on Hindu pilgrims at Godhra. Though, it does not justify the riots that followed.

The role played by these disruptive elements is not surprising. What amazes, is the stance adopted by a section of the intellectual and academic brotherhood. After independence, Nehruvian ideology of socialist utopia prevailed with a distinct tilt towards the then Soviet Union. Taking advantage of the environment, Leftist intellectuals took over and dominated every sphere of cultural and educational activity run with public money. People with nationalist motivations were undermined, and often pushed out of the limelight. This Leftist section cornered plump positions and the privileges associated with it. These elements feel threatened by the advent of a government other than the Congress. They apprehend loss of patronage. So they raised a hue and cry over Dadri. They return medals, awarded by committees, controlled by their own kind.

Being Leftist, they are supposedly international in their approach, and do not see any wrong in vilifying their motherland in the global arena. They go into mute mode, when a Hindu girl is raped and murdered in West Bengal, or Kashmiri Pandits become refugees in their own country. This abuse of freedom of expression and hypocrisy is truly painful, and should be condemned by all secular and right thinking citizens.


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